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About this web site

Welcome! This web site is dedicated to beautiful nature and places of interest of Eastern Canada, Central Ontario and Near North, however you may find here some images of other areas and countries I have visited during my travels.

I do 360 degrees panoramas since 2005 and all of them were taken in Canada. Still images were taken not only in Canada but also in Russia, Israel and United States since ~1970 or even earlier.

If you are new to the full-sphere interactive panoramas, please note:

- When you see a panorama, you can explore all the scene around you - not only the part of view which is shown within a picture frame, but all the sphere including top and bottom.

- You have full control over the image - do not wait until the picture turns to a desired view, use your mouse to turn a "virtual camera" left or right, up or down to see what you would like.

- Zoom in or out using a mouse wheel to focus on image details or to overview the scene.

I use Google Maps plugin to show exact locations where panoramas and photos had been taken. GPS coordinates may be useful if you would like to visit place you are interested. In case if location is not important (say, art photography) or cannot be exactly restored, an image does not have a location on the map.

I usually try to measure exact GPS coordinates of places I had visited. However in some cases I locate places using Google Maps or other web resources and cannot guarantee that coordinates are precise, it depends on third-party resources precision. Please use GPS information with caution and double-check it using other available information.

I also cannot promise that visiting places listed here is always safe and legal. If an object is located on private property, I always request permission from property owner to trespass, take photos and display them, but these permissions do not cover you or any other person. It is your responsibility to obtain a permission to visit such places during your trip.

Some objects are located in the wilderness and you have to provide needed safety for yourself and your family while travelling there. I am not responsible for any damage or injury caused by using or misusing an information displayed on this web site. If you use this data as a travelling guide, road map or anything else, please be careful, do your own information research and, of course, respect the nature.

Good luck!

Alex Makienko
Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada